In the frame of the EU-funded project AMADEUS (2017-2019) a new technology has been developed based on ultra-high temperature Phase Change Materials (PCMs) and thermophotovoltaic (TPV) electricity generation.

The system stores energy in the form of latent heat at very high temperatures over 1000ºC and converts it back to electricity on demand using TPV. The key features of the technology are the very high energy density (over 1 kWh/litre) and the very low cost per stored energy capacity.


AMADEUS (2017-2019) is a recently finished EU project, funded within the FET-OPEN program, whose objective was developing "Next Generation of Materials and Solid State Devices for Ultra High Temperature Energy Storage and Conversion". Seven partners from six European countries participated in this project that developed new Phase Change Materials (PCMs) based on silicon-alloys and thermionic and thermophotovoltaic (TPV) devices for energy conversion. A full energy storage prototype was built and it is currently available at UPM (Madrid, Spain). The publications of the project are available open-access in Zenodo repository